Highly Skilled Crews Lead To Highly Successful Outcomes.

We are proud to offer a comprehensive training program for new-hire aviators (minimum flight hour requirements must be met) and veteran Med-Trans aviators, alike. Our recurrent flight and ground training always has been well beyond the minimums required by the FAA and most other operators. Recurrent ground training is performed both in the classroom and online covering every aspect of Part 135 operations. Our flight training is conducted every 120 days under all conditions: day, unaided night, instrument and Night Vision Goggle (NVG). Since all MTC aircraft are fully IFR equipped, an integral part of every recurrent training session includes precision and non-precision approaches simulating recovery from inadvertent IMC (Instrument Meteorological Conditions).

Clinical New Hire Academy

  • Offered 11 sessions per year
  • Held in Denton, TX
  • Partner participants attend course for free
  • Seven days of HEMS operational and advanced clinical education
  • Safety, CRM, RW and FW operations
  • High-fidelity clinical simulation
  • NVG ground training
  • One-hour NVG flights in H125, B407, H130, H135 or H145 platforms
  • Fixed wing training to include KAC90 and KA200
  • Continuing-education-hours certificate provided at the end of the course
  • Meets or exceeds all CAMTS requirements for onboarding

Transport Provider

Advanced Trauma Course (TPATC)
  • Eight in-person TPATC courses per year
  • Held in Denton, TX
  • Cost per participant is at ASTNA’s discounted rate
TEAMS Partner Site
  • Collaborative site for shared education and simulations
  • CAMTS approved sim creation process
  • Up-to-date clinical education

Specialized clinical training for new and existing aeromedical clinicians by experienced critical care transport educators. Utilizing CAMTS approved procedures using high-fidelity simulators and realistic transport environments.